Where You Can Drive Golf Carts

Where You Can Drive Golf Carts

It’s the peak of summer vacation time and everyone is wanting to take a golf cart and hit the roads of their preferred vacation spot. For many of us, we will enjoy the use of the golf cart so much we’ll start asking where else we can use one.

Whether you are planning on hitting the golf course, tooling around the resort, or wanting an easier way to get around the neighborhood, golf carts are becoming the transportation of choice. Just because you want to grab and cart and hit the road doesn’t mean you can. These are the places you can take your golf cart.

Getting off the beaten path

While you can’t hit the highway in your golf cart, there are some states that will let you hit the side roads. Most restrictions center around being registered and sticking to areas that have a speed limit of no more than 25 miles per hour. Every state is a bit different with their rules and restrictions, so make sure you check out the laws before you head out on the open road.

Why hike when you can golf cart?

There are some states that allow you to take your golf cart on any recreational pathway. Like hiking or seeing the sites but just can’t walk the distance anymore? Hop on in your golf cart and you can enjoy the outdoors with the hikers, bikers and runners! Just make sure you are respecting others on the path.

Living the easy life

Golf carts are a common sight in and around retirement communities. Why get in the car to go to the clubhouse when it’s easier and cheaper to grab the golf car, right? Carting is also a great way for those who may not be able to take the car out and about anymore to still get around without too much trouble.

Golf carting through academia

Many college campuses today are spread really far apart. While biking around campus is still very commonplace, golf carts are on the rise. It used to be just administrators and groundskeepers who could be seen carting through campus, but now that golf carts are becoming more accessible, students are getting in on the fun too.

Following the rules

Now that you know where you can take your cart, it’s important that you understand the rules. First and foremost you need to research the golf cart restrictions in place where you are.

You can always use your golf cart on your own property, or other private properties where you have permission.

Once you hit the street those freedoms go away and you’ll want to make sure you’re following all the rules. Not sure where to begin? Start with a call to the local Department of Transportation. They can get you started in the right direction.

Always Think: Safety First

Now that you have all of the rules and guidelines handled, it’s a good idea to think about safety. Take some time to brush up on your traffic hand signals and put a call into your insurance.

Most of the time when you rent a golf cart they will provide insurance as well, but it never hurts to call your own agent and make sure you are fully covered. You’ll also want to make sure your cart has been properly maintained. You’d hate to head out to the beach only to find yourself stranded along the way.

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